Our home, our ashram is within. It is in the heart. Our life force grows in there. The symbolism of the heart as the place of love brings forth a particular quality of energy which pours from the heart center. Our nature is to genuinely share the beauty of our journey within.

Pranashram believes that yoga is not just about the perfection of asanas but more importantly engages the process of the yoga path with its unexpected surprises, acknowledging the beauty of the imperfection and the nature of impermanence and change. It takes online the form of a personal diary, notes on a journey with yoga, through videos, books, workshops, yoga teacher trainings, satsangs, music, travels and yoga practice from Europe to Japan, India, Thailand and the US. The experience of meeting teachers from different cultural backgrounds that generously share their knowledge with others, gives enough information to be archived and revisited. Posts here are collecting memories, spontaneous notes on practices, people, reads and selections of a personal library. Also, pranashram corresponds to a physical space where through personal contact with yoga classes, yoga teacher trainings, retreats and workshops wishes to inspire you start or deepen your practice.

Whatever the reason we are drawn to yoga, the essence of it is our self realization. This is our greatest service to the society, the self realization that we are seeking consciously or unconsciously and towards which we are gradually evolving.