Meditation is a continuous flow towards the object (of meditation). -Patanjali 3.2

Vatin(=root) Meditari(=continuous dweling in thought) is the meaning from Latin. (Meder=to heal, to reflect)

Meditation is a primary tool in all areas of spiritual awakening. It is the most powerful tool to the ones that seek truth. The enlightened man is free from suffering while living. No one has found God after they died.

Meditation is a travel within. The traveller will complete the travel through traveling. The practice can easily become part of our daily life, starting with just 10 min of our time daily and increasing our time, until whatever we do we do it mindfully.

There are many ways to approach mediation, some of the methods might not be for us but some or just one that we might like is enough to start practicing. Buddha is teaching us that breath is a vehicle to the meditation path. One easy method can be the Anapanasati Sutta. It doesn’t mean though that this is suitable and easy for all of us. Some people might have traumas and breath might challenge them even more. For some of us might be easier to meditate through sounds, emotions, sensations or feelings. In the beginning we shouldn’t put pressure on ourselves to go into advanced techniques of meditation neither ask ourselves a lot what is happening and to rationalize everything. We can just sit and surrender to ourselves.

Reading the posts of this site’s homepage you can find some shared practice on various methods like the following:

Ana(=inhale) Pana(=exhale) Sati(=mindfull) without breath control.

In the beginning it must be a real object. Mind is constantly moving, it is not used to an object. So we recondition the mind by focusing in any object. Breath, sound, sensations etc

OM is one object of meditation. Focusing our mind on the sound OM, the vibration of the sound, not the symbol, removes the obstacles in our practice.

Mantra is another object of meditation. Mantras are chanting energy.

Mala is another. Japa (=repetition) mala. You can start by touching the mala.

Antar mauna that means “inner silence.”

Tratak > candle meditation.

Yoga Nidra > yogic sleep.

Walking can be meditation, everything we do being aware can become a meditative process. Using the mind to go beyond the mind. Awareness is the function of the mind.

Also the mind comes and sits in a still body. That’s why we need to sit. The body is just an instrument. In India, the playground of yoga is the mind. Controlling the mind through the body.

It is important that we improve our meditation posture (lotus, sukhasana, badrasana, etc) by increasing the time we sit every day, but we should not forget our mind. To be aware of the body 24/7 walking, drinking, eating, sleeping, etc.

The soul that moves in the world of the senses and yet keeps the senses in harmony…finds rest in quietness. -Bhagavad Gita