Water element
Svadhisthana (=sweetness or one’s own abode)
The sacral chakra is located in the sacral plexus.
Its function is related to pleasure, sexuality, creativity.
When malfunctioning can cause impotence, frigidity, uterine, bladder or kidney trouble.
The inner state is self-confidence and well being.
The body parts related are the kidneys, womb, reproductive and circulation system, bladder.
The mantra is VAM.
The yantra is a crescent moon.
The color is orange.
The sense related the taste.
The deities presiding are Vishnu and Rakini.

Visnu, carries a conch, a disc, a mace and a lotus. The conch symbolizes the need to develop attentive listening and provides a link to the element of water. The disc tells us that concentration is required if we are to hit our target. The mace reminds us of the need to subdue the ego and the lotus the spiritual goal itself.

The deities Visnu and Rakini are aspects of Sarasvati, the river goddess.

His energy is Rakini who carries a trident ~the symbol of the essential union of mind, body and spirit, a drum that beats out the rhythm os life, a lotus to remind us that victory is possible for everyone and a battle axe which symbolizes the struggle within ourselves to overcome our negative aspects.

The element of water in its essence is amrita, the deathless substance, and in its gross form is blood and various external and internal secretions. Water carries a deeply symbolic value, that of purification. Ritual bathing or washing is a universal practice as a preparation for spiritual observance. Water can be deceptive, calm upon the surface but turbulent beneath. It has a reflective surface quality and there is a natural affinity between the waters and the moon and its reflections on the water symbolizing the fluctuations of the mind.

The major function of this chakra is sexuality. Sexuality is the prime manifestation of the attraction between opposites. Sexual activity itself can be transformative, it can awaken higher centers and transcend the physical confines of the experience. However, this approach to sexuality, requires a high degree of mental control, physical discipline and absolute equality.

When this chakra is balanced it brings a sense of self confidence and creativity. The imagination is used constructively and sexual energy brings a sense of completeness and integration.

Meditate on the element of water. He who meditates upon the stainless Lotus, which is named in Svadhisthana, is freed immediately from all his enemies. ~Sat-Cakra-Nirupana verse 18

Asana practice try Shalabasana, =locust pose and cat-cow pose.


Sensual flowing music is appropriate. Also traditional music for belly dancing has the power to release the energies of this chakra.

Flower remedies :

  • 10 Getting rid of what you cannot digest.
  • 11 Turning your ideas into reality.
  • 20 Freedom within a structure.
  • 22 Surrender.
  • 31 Accepting others.
  • 37 Taking part joyfully in life.

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