Ajna (ajna=to perceive, to know)
The brow chakra is located between the eyebrows, just above the bridge of the nose.
Its function is direct perception.
When malfunctioning can cause headaches, nightmares, defects of vision.
The inner state is self mastery.
The body parts related are the eyes and the two hemispheres of the brain.
The mantra is OM.
The yantra is  two lotus petals signifying the Ida and Pingala nadis.
The color is indigo.
The deities presiding are Paramasiva (Shiva in the highest form) and Sakti Hakini.

Sakti Hakini is both male and female. On the right side is male and on the left female. The androgynous has a mantra for each aspect: ham is the mantra for the male and sa for the female.

The two physical eyes see the past and the present, while the third eye reveals the insight of the future. The doors of this perception will open when the individual has gained a deep understanding of the forces concealed beyond the door. The key cannot be given by anyone, it has to be personally constructed. To dissolve this knot is to attain a state of unity, to overcome duality, to realize fully that there is no separation between the self and everything else. This is the first of the chakras to have its physical counterpart in the brain rather than in the body. The mind does not suffer from physical restrictions but thoughts. As consciousness expands we discover new ways of using the mind. The activation of this chakra increases the powers of visualization. Visualization is a key component in certain forms of meditation. It is a significant factor in self-healing and in psychic unfoldment.

Satyananda suggests that this chakra needs to be awakened first so that spiritual contact of a high level is established prior to releasing the karmic energies related to the other chakras. By becoming conscious at this level, it is possible to stand above karma and gain a complete understanding of it through wisdom and not the process of catharsis.

Meditate becoming aware of the fact that the brain is composed of two hemispheres. Try out your ability to visualize. Imagine the sun rising in the right hemisphere and setting in the left. Then imagine the moon rising in the left and setting in the right hemisphere. Relax and allow images that symbolize each of the hemispheres for you to spontaneously arise.

Asanas : the ajna chakra is activated indirectly by working with forces of the muladhara chakra. They are polar points upon the same axis. To awaken the third eye sit in a comfortable crossed legs position, so that one heel presses into the area of the perineum. Place your hands on your knees keeping the spine straight. Concentrate at a point between your eyebrows. Begin to contract and relax your perineum upon inhalation and exhalation. Next, imagine prana being absorbed into the ajna center on the inhalation. On the exhalation imagine prana as a stream of light being radiated outwards into the universe. Chant OM. When this practice begins to take effect the area of the perineum will begin to feel hot, at the same time a similar sensation will be experienced between the eyebrows.

To clear your mind, sit in a comfortable position with your hands at the floor behind you. Spread your fingers so that you are aware of a slight pressure within your wrists. Bring your head back and begin rhythmic breathing while you maintain awareness at your third eye. on the inhalation imagine that air in the form of a white light coming into the third eye, on the exhalation it passes out. This stimulates the pituitary gland.

Use music to stimulate your natural ability to visualize. With any piece of music allow all the senses and images spontaneously to appear in the mind’s eye. Try listening to Freefall by Malcom Harrison or Inner Harmony by Arden Wilkin.

Flower remedies :

  • 3 Tolerance.
  • 5 Following the inner guide.
  • 7 Being open to learning from life.
  • 12 Acceptance.
  • 23 Trusting cosmic harmony.
  • 33 Being able to listen to the inner voice.

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