The essential requirement on the part of a student is character building. The Tibetan asks that we examine ourselves to discover the forces that dominate our lives so that we may consciously seek to redress any obvious imbalance. We are asked to re-organize, re-orientate and re-build the very essence of our being. The traditional discipline of yoga requires a period of preparation. The Tibetan’s guidelines are applicable for any modern student seeking to work with the energies of the chakras. Yoga offers an integrated system to awakening the chakras. With yoga, the initial period of preparation is followed by gradual absorption of the techniques of pranayama, mediation and physical asanas.

By seeking to work with the energies of the chakras we are seeking to discover ourselves. Practical application of this commitment comes with:

  1. Practice of meditation.
  2. Intellectual study.
  3. Pranayama

Anyone can practice. We are never young, we are never old. All can benefit from this discipline. After all, everyone has to breath!

Requirements of the preparation period :

  1. Yama & Niyama ( are part of the period of re-orientation which is considered absolutely essential.
  2. There has to be a genuine commitment to self discovery and realization. Anything less will be insufficient to sustain the individual through the difficulties of the path. The right motive is essential. The wrong motive will bring only disappointment.
  3. We should give the benefits of our awakening to others in some way. Right motivation will lead naturally to a commitment to service. Wrong motivation will create the desire to wield power rather than to offer service

Yoga is practice. Not theory. But theory prepares us to re-organize ourselves and the right understanding of theory and yoga philosophy, removes obstacles.

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