Akasa element
Visuddi (visuddi=to purify)
The throat chakra is located on the throat.
Its function is creativity and communication.
When malfunctioning can cause thyroid problems, swollen glands, colds, sore throat. .
The inner state is intuition and synthesis.
The body parts related are the neck and the shoulders.
The mantra is HAM.
The yantra is a silver crescent within a white circle shining as a full moon .
The color is bright blue.
The sense related the hearing.
The deities presiding are Sadasiva and Sakini, an aspect of Gauri.

The intelligence of this level is symbolized by Sadasiva in an androgynous aspect. His name means ever-beneficent. He has five faces three eyes in each face and ten arms. He carries nine items and he performs abhayamudra gesture which dispels fear. Each of the nine items has their own symbolism. The noose reminds us of the dangers of being caught in spiritual pride, the goad shows us that further effort is still required, the snake symbolizes wisdom, the trident unity of the physical, etheric and causal bodies, the flame the fires of kundalini, the bell the quality of inner hearing, the diamond sceptre symbolizes inderstructibility, the sword the necessary quality of discrimination and the battle axe serves to cut away the old aspects of the self. His energy Sakini is the form of light itself. She is an aspect of Gauri, mother of the universe and the other half to Lord Shiva’s body. Sakini Shakti is the bestower of all higher knowledge and siddhis (powers).

The throat chakra represents our power to communicate verbally. The human voice can convey emotion, information and a huge range of subtle meanings. We can sing, shout, whisper, laugh, cry or scream. The human voice can conceal the truth or reveal the truth.The knowledge of the Vedas and Tantra has probably survived in a truncated form of mantras. The mantra is sounded at the physical level but its effect is not confined to the mere physical sound of the word. The mantra of each chakra is said to have the power to awaken the forces of it. The individual mantra is vibrated and mentally placed within the appropriate chakra. The bija mantras starting from the base are lam, vam, ram, yam, ham and om. There is no bija mantra for the crown (sahasrara) chakra. Sound is vibration, an invisible energy. The function of hearing is assigned to this chakra and refers to a subtle quality of inner hearing which is quite different from our day-to-day physical hearing. By tradition the opening of this chakra brings increased telepathic rapport. Telepathy can be thought as hearing inwardly, which is something that we all do from time to time. Usually this is no more than a fleeting, often unconscious experience. The activation of this chakra however brings telepathy into consciousness. Esoteric teachings tell us that when the throat chakra is inactive, our creativity will likewise be subdued. There is a link between the development of inner hearing and the process of creativity.

The circle within the yantra is called the akasamandala, the gateway of liberation. It is the place of the void.

When this chakra is open and balanced the powers of communication and creativity come to life, adding a new dimension to our comprehension of experience.

Meditate on the element of akasa or explore your own powers of communication by reflecting on what you are saying and how you say it.

Asanas the bridge and a shoulder stand will help you in your practice.

When you inhale bring your arms over the head and to rest on the floor behind you, lifting your pelvis upwards. Exhale and lower your body down to the starting position.

Lie down on your back, inhale and bend your knees towards your chest.
Exhale and swing your legs upwards so that your hips lift from the floor.
Use your hands to support your lower back.
Straighten your legs and back as much as possible.
Begin long, deep breathing.

This asana (sarvangasana) causes subtle changes in the prana flow in the body and facilitates the flow from manipura to vishuddi. It is also an important asana for transferring sexual energies from the lower to the higher dimensions. To awaken the bindu-visharga sit in a meditational pose with the eyes closed. Be aware of the natural breathing for some moments. Use the mantra So-Ham and place the sound on the throat. Inhale So, exhale Ham. Maintain awareness of the breath and So-Ham together in a continuous rhythm. Place the mantra in a straight line between the throat and a point at the top of your head towards the back. On the inhalation imagine a thread of white light expanding from the vishuddi to the bindu.

Immerse yourself in the sound of massed voices, whether choirs or sacred chant, even psychedelic music. Lose yourself in the whole and paradoxically find your own note.

Flower remedies:

  • 1 Fusing thinking and feeling.
  • 21 Trusting yourself even in the face of adversity.
  • 3 Communicating from your deepest levels.
  • 38 Making space for creativity.

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