Fire element 
Manipura (manipura=lustrous gem or city of jewels)
The solar plexus chakra is located between the twelfth thoracic vertebrae and the first lumbar vertebrae.
Its function is the will and the power.
When malfunctioning can cause eating disorders, ulcers, diabetes, hypoglycemia .
The inner state is intense emotions :laughter, joy, anger.
The body parts related are the digestive system, the liver, spleen, stomach and small intestine.
The mantra is RAM.
The yantra is the sun.
The color is yellow.
The sense related the sight.
The deities presiding are Rudra and Lakini.

The presiding deity of this chakra, Rudra -an aspect of Visnu, represents the power of destruction. He is the god of storms, he has both a positive and negative aspect -like power. The power of the manipura chakra, the solar plexus, the personal sun. The energy generated by him is Lakini Shakti.

Shakti Lakini is a form of Lakshmi, the goddess of good fortune and beauty. She has three faces with three eyes in each. The third eye symbolizes the increased psychic sense that comes with the awakening of this chakra.

This chakra represents an important step in the development of human consciousness. Some tantric teachings regard it as the starting point for higher human development. When the energies of this chakra are active and balanced we enjoy well-being and we have a clear sense of personal determination. When the will is blocked we experience a sense of frustration which is often accompanied by a tightening of the whole solar plexus area. Repressed anger and contained force eventually snap and there is an emotional scene, a crisis, even a breakdown. This chakra radiates its fiery energy like a bright sun. Where there is prana there is life. Each chakra is a centre of prana but it is generated and distributed by the manipura centre. This centre is given great importance in traditional Japanese teachings. It is called hara which means belly. It is the centre point where all things both visible and invisible find their balance. In Japan a person is judged to be untrustworthy and insincere unless the voice comes from the hara.

Meditate on the element of fire or explore the concept of personal power by considering how you use your power into the world.

Pranayama Kapalabhati or hara breathing.

Asanas try Paschimotanasana, spinal flexes in both directions on a sitting position on the heels.

Inhale and arch your back, pushing your chest up and out. Exhale as you slump down.
Repeat the cycle.

Also belly push helps activate manipura chakra.

Sit with your legs outstretched, hands flat on the floor underneath your shoulders.
Lift your body by raising your buttocks.
Make a straight line with your body from toes to the head.
Drop back to a seated position and repeat.

This chakra is concerned with expressing emotions. Music such as tango is music that has the power to express an emotion, whether is grief or joy and can provide a cathartic experience. You may also like to listen to David Sun music (Sunrise), or The Enchanter by Tim Wheater, also Aquamarine by Stairway or Chapelier Fou.

Flower remedies :

  • 2 Overcoming fears.
  • 17 Being able to achieve personal goals.
  • 18 Patience.
  • 19 Self-awareness
  • 28 Balance within yourself.
  • 29 Ability to act from joy.

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