Warrior 2

To open the heart means to find balance and alignment in love and compassion, in terms of giving and receiving. Even smiling at someone can fulfill this. Physically, there are ways to open the heart with movement and practice that will bring the heart center higher in alignment.

Our chakras start at the base of our body, where Mulhadara Chakra, Kundalini Shakti or Moon Energy resides, going all the way up alongside the spine to the crown of our head, where Sahasrara Chakra, the Sun Energy, the Consciousness of Shiva resides. Every chakra has a different color, sound, vibration, and they are linked to different elements. They are also linked to emotions. Emotions that can block each chakra, so it is important to be aware of them and learn how to release them, so they open up and the energy can run freely.

Anahata Chakra is the fourth, located to our heart center, anahata meaning unstruck or unbeaten. It refers to a sound that is heard yet is not struck. Its element is the air and its function is love. The body parts that are connected to it are the lungs, the heart, the arms and the hands. Its color is green. The sound is LAM. The sense is touch. When it is malfunction it can affect the blood pressure, and cause asthma and heart or lung disease.

Personal love is just the starting point for the experience of this chakra. Love is expansive and open, it unites and heals. Without love there is separation, exclusion and coldness. Without love, individuals are not valued as humans. Love is not an abstract intangible. It brings forth a particular energy that arises from the heart center. Its qualities are those of supporting, protecting, nurturing, caring..among others. To live a full life is to radiate from the heart. The Katha Upanishad tells us that When all the knots of the heart are loosened, then even here in this human birth the mortal becomes immortal.

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