Even in the infinity there’s something missing – the end

Finding gratitude for all the abundance you already have now, will magnetize all that is waiting for you. Call upon forces more expansive than you to assist you create more abundance within you. Find something to be grateful for, feeling it within, see yourself walking through an abundant energetic universe in your meditations. The more you hold gratitude to yourself, the more you see your life as it really is. Infinite, eternal.

Life always supports you. Open your heart, move and expand deeper. The more your heart expands, the less offended you feel by other people working out their particular stage of being human.

At night, before you go to bed, cleanse yourself with forgiveness for anyone who wronged you in any way. Ask forgiveness from anyone you have responded from anything less than your higher self. The more you forgive the more energy and space you free. Forgiveness is the most profound act of self love. It frees you of all the ways you judge yourself and all the disowned qualities within others.

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