Boredom, mindless entertainment, continuous eating and oversleeping will make you fat.

Mild exercise is essential to encourage the body to gradually reset its fat ideal.

Continuous eating should take the form of four or maximum five, small meals each day. The size of our stomach we can see it when we put our palms together in a bowl shape. We don’t need more than that in each meal.

We don’t need more than eight hours of sleep (unless we are ill).

Permanent weight loss occurs only when the body’s fat ideal is lowered.

There are certain symptoms that indicate we should lose weight:

  • pendulous belly, breasts and buttocks.
  • unpleasant body odor.
  • puffing and panting for breath even on mild exertion.
  • profuse perspiration even when it is not hot.
  • excess thirst, especially at night.
  • intense food cravings.
  • prolonged but unsatisfied sleep.
  • inflammation where skin folds rub against one another.
  • generalized body ache.
  • loss of sexual appetite.
  • lack of enthusiasm for living.
  • your joints hurt.

If you do not suffer from most of these symptoms you should not attempt to lose weight. You should focus instead on bringing yourself into balance.

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