⚫️ Vinyasa ⚫️

In the primary series the vinyasa links the asanas together in a flowing series of movements. It helps to maintain the heat and realign the body between the postures. Instead of the full Vinyasa coming to standing we can practice between the two sides from jumping back to Chaturanga to sit. If you want to work on building strength or increase the heat you may practice a full Vinyasa.


⚫️From sitting with palms on the floor, cross ankles and lift up.

⚫️Exhale swing legs back through the arms to Chaturanga. (You may begin by just lifting your body up and moving in the direction of bringing your legs back through your arms and then step back).

⚫️Inhale to upward facing dog.

⚫️Exhale back to downward dog.

⚫️Inhale bend knees and jump legs through the arms to sitting with legs extended straight out in front. (Begin by jumping crossed legs to arms, then sit and stretch legs out and progress slowly, enjoying the process.)

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