Parsvottanasana (parsva=side, uttana=intense stretch)

• INHALE jump to the right, 3 feet apart, right foot parallel to the mat, left heel turned in.

• EXHALE hands in prayer behind the back, turn hips to the right and lift the kneecaps.

• INHALE look up, open your chest.

• EXHALE palms together, stretch out and then down -bending from the hips forward over your right leg. Bring your chin toward your shin. Pull right hip back, so hips are parallel. Lift your elbows.

• LOOK at the 2nd toe of the extended foot.

• HOLD for 5-8 breaths.

• INHALE come up.

• EXHALE turn hips to the left, reverse feet.

• INHALE open your chest, look up and back.

• EXHALE bend forward over your left leg. Hold for 5-8 breaths.

• INHALE come up.

• EXHALE to Samasthiti.

⚫️ Modification : instead of hands to prayer, hold elbows. To keep your spine straight you can stay half way down with head up.

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