Prasarita Padottanasana D

Prasarita Padottanasana D (prasarita=spread out, pada=foot, uttana=intense stretch)

• INHALE hands on the hips, lift chest, pelvis forward.

• EXHALE bend forward, hands to toes, pressing the big toes down while pulling them up with your finger.

• INHALE look up, to the 3rd eye, head up, spine straight.

• EXHALE bend forward, the top of your head towards the floor. Elbows bent, shoulders away from the ears, arms pulling out to the sides to bring the upper body closer to the legs. Keep your chest open. Shoulder blades are moving down the back.

• LOOK at the nose.

• HOLD for 5-8 breaths.

• INHALE head up.

• EXHALE hands to the hips.

• INHALE come all the way up, keeping your spine straight.

• EXHALE to Samasthiti at the top of the mat.

⚫️ Modification : don’t go all the way down -keep your back straight and hold the back of the legs with your hands .

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