Padangustasana (pada=foot or leg, padangusta=big toe)

From Samasthiti place your hands on your hips and jump feet hip width apart. Feet parallel.

• INHALE hands on hips, lift chest, look up and back.

• EXHALE bend forward, hold onto big toes with middle and index fingers.

• INHALE head up, straighten the spine, arms straight, look up > gaze to the 3rd eye 👁 ( if your spine is not straight bend knees and press your chest against your thighs, no space between them and now straighten the spine )

• EXHALE move the crown of the head towards the floor and elbows out to the sides.

• LOOK at the tip of the nose.

• HOLD for 5-8 breaths.

• INHALE head up, only your head – don’t come all the way up yet. Gaze to the 3rd eye.

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