Antar mauna means inner silence. It refers to a yogic meditation technique that involves transforming and controlling thought processes through self-awareness and mindfulness.

Observe the observer without being observed -Krishnamurti

Yoga is dualistic philosophy. The observer stands with its nature. Isolation of the mind. If I am not in Samadhi I am not purusha. Purusha has nothing to do with samadhi.

To start with this meditation focus on:

  1. Sensory perception.
  2. Spontaneous thoughts (just noticing, feeling them).
  3. Just be aware of whatever is happening.
  4. Create and depose theme (you have to choose one theme, one thought or one situation that you will focus continuously).
  5. Use the mind to go beyond the mind.

*Book to read : Concentration and Meditation _Swami Sivananda

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