My lovely teacher Eleni Preka while yoga teacher training in Athens was teaching us about Chakras in greek language.

Both Yoga and Tantra recognize the many different temperaments and types of individuals that seek teaching.

The chakras (from the Sanskrit word meaning wheel) are centers of energy and part of a greater network of subtle energies pervading the body.

Chakras are also called lotuses or padmas. Each one is described as having a particular number of petals. These have been said to represent the vibration of each chakra. They are highly sensitive to deliberate thought patterns. Each chakra is symbolically described by a system of correspondences. They are allocated to colors, geometric shapes (yantras), sounds (mantras), elements, animal symbols, presiding deities etc.

Where are they located?

How a knowledge of chakras can help us?

How can we work with the chakra energies?

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