Ānāpānasati Ana(=inhale) Pana(=exhale) Sati(=mindfull)

-Just be aware of the breath.

-Do not control the breath. Do not count the breath.

-Just know you are breathing.

-Attention: between nose and lips.

You can meditate for 10~15 min. (x2 daily)

Anapana is the observation of the breath and it is the first step in the practice of Vipassana Meditation. It is very different from techniques that are based on the artificial regulation of breath. There are no rites or rituals, only observation of natural, normal respiration, as it comes in and as it goes out. It is an easy to learn, objective and scientific technique that helps develop concentration of the mind, providing a tool to deal with the fears, anxieties and pressures across all age groups, especially children.

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