Take some time every day to consciously create what you would like to experience. Create sacred space. Ideal time for practice would be in the morning but also any time of the day that practice can be repeated daily is good. If you can create a physical space where your practice would be repeated every day would be ideal. You can keep it clean, simple, private and restore and re-connect to your inner space where all answers are. Modern life teaches us to label and rationalize it all, so we lose sight of the magic happening in the most simple moments we can choose to witness. As we move into wholeness and into our power it is important to make sure there is nothing left incomplete from our past that carries forward. The vibration and the emotions we bring within, we are also sending out. Take a moment to let go of whatever no longer serves you, release all fear and negativity and connect to the space inward which is pure, inspiring and creative energy. The teacher, solutions, everything is within. The journey to what we seek is within. Practice every day and all will come faster and faster until your creativity will flow in rivers. No matter how slow you go as long as you don’t give up on practicing.

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