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Chanting the Ganesh mantra regularly improves the discipline. Helps in cleaning and purifying the mind. Deepens the level of meditation. Improves ability to focus.

oṃ: the eternal source-sound-vibration of creation.

gan: bija mantra (condensed sound form) for Ganesha.

gaṇapataye: To Ganapati. Ganapati is another name for Ganesha with similar meaning, as the lord (pati) of Shiva’s army (gaṇa).

namaha: (same as namo) To honor or solute. All glory to…

Mantras are usually of Sanskrit origin, highly compressed and charged with a magical potency and deep meaning. Mantras can be a word, a sound or a phrase. It helps in elevating or modifying consciousness by its meaning, rhythm, tone, sound and the reflexology of the tongue against the palate of the mouth when saying the mantra.

Chanting the Ganesh Mantra brings a lot of changes in the person. It helps in calming and brings overall positivity in life. Indians refer to the Vedas or Vedic literature as the topmost authority with all kinds of knowledge. It is believed that every mantra has a specific meaning and brings particular result to anyone who chants it. When someone chants the Ganesha Mantra asks for spiritual prosperity.

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